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First news post! Animations I'm thinking about..

2007-08-01 22:26:48 by Dwarfer-Stu

I've spent pretty much all of my time during the last 3 years concentrating on uni work, which was primarily a 3D animation course. I submitted my final degree short animated film to newgrounds, you should be able to see it, titled 'the end'

Now I'm out of Uni, I've been taking a break, (playing some wow :o) but also thinking about some cool new animations to do. I'll be looking for a job at some point, but I want to get out some new 2D stuff first.

My current 2D stuff on Newgrounds is no where near the level in which I'm capable of right now, the hard part is just getting off my arse to finally do it.

I have some pretty original and (I like to think) amazing ideas for 2 particular ongoing series. How much of these series I'll be able to produce in how long a timespan, I don't know yet, but the first one is an animated version of my online comic series I've been slowly making over the last coupla years. Its a science fiction/comedy, which starts at the big bang, and slowly goes through the whole evolution of the Universe. My writing style has been compared to Douglas Adams :)
The comic can be found here: http://www.stu-hand.co.uk/universe
Here's a recent strip:

First news post! Animations I'm thinking about..


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2007-08-01 22:53:40

Haha i like that comic, very original.Good luck with those amazing ideas you've got, hopefully we will see them soon =]

Dwarfer-Stu responds:

Thanks, I hope so :)


2007-08-01 23:42:41

I saw you're movie The End, and i've gotta say it is very impressive.I really enjoyed it, very funny stuff.You've got a unique sense of humour.Hope to see more of you soon ;-]


2007-08-02 01:10:38

The comic you posted reminds me a lot of a Jim Gaffigan joke... Not saying you stole it... Little chance of that happening seeing as how you're a Brit and all..

As for the being compared to Douglas Adams thing... Congrats. I'm a huge fan of Adams' work, but I'll have to see for myself whether or not you live up to those standards. :)